A common hurdle facing technology partnerships today, especially in a consumer-facing industry like travel, is that often brands are reluctant to give up control of the customer service they are famed for and have built their success upon.

We hear you. It is largely that same world-class customer service that has made us the Southern Hemisphere’s leading car rental comparison site for the last 17 years and counting.

It is a scary notion to hand over the keys to your baby, (that you have likely built from the ground up and the coveted contractual relationships with suppliers to boot), to a third party technology provider, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

To solve the problem, V2B has created a tech-only solution, which lets you stay in the driving seat so you can concentrate on steering the Customer Experience, while we power your travel bookings with a convenient, travel technology solution which you can marry seamlessly with your existing call centre operations.

Our smarts with your heart = a winning collaboration.

Jordan Hooper, Partnerships Manager, V2B Travel Technology 


So what are the features and benefits of the V2B tech-only solution?

  • White Label Landing Pages in your Branding with Headers, Footers and Colour Swatching to match your current website. A white label page gives you an instant car rental presence to add to your other travel verticals and we can have you up and running, tested and integrated within 2 weeks.
  • Direct API for in-path or post-path integration where you can intertwine our global inventory with the look and feel of your own customised UX. We can load your contracted rates from our side and provide you with a Dashboard to track bookings and analyse conversion throughout the funnel and switch on/off supply for destinations as required. You can also use our API to combine your existing car rental contracts with Flight and Hotel product to create valuable bundled packages that heighten the customer experience and increase your Average Order Value. Meaning everybody wins.
  • Deep Linking Widgets that you can insert at strategic touch points across your website or via EDMs to retarget customers with existing Flight or Accommodation bookings. With our technology you can redirect them to a results page of car rental inventory based on their precise arrival destination and travel dates. More relevance, means more engagement, more clicks and more conversions.

You can use any or all of the above to take ancillary revenue for your travel site to the next level.

Let V2B drive your car rental technology.

To find out more visit us today at or call our Partnerships Manager, Jordan Hooper on 0450 247 242 or email

Post by Julia Raczko

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