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White Label pages (Template + Bespoke Options)

We can build you a bespoke car rental landing page either in your full branding to match the rest of your site or co-branded with Vroom.

Search Widgets

We can provide you search widgets to insert on relevant content pages on your site, post purchase on a booking confirmation page or add to a follow-up EDM.

Direct API

Offer car rental as an add-on in the booking path and watch your conversion soar with our slick API that displays live inventory directly from suppliers.

SDK for your mobile app

Add a new dimension to your app (and a new revenue stream) by using our SDK to offer car rental search in your App.

Tech-Only Option

Have your own agreement with car rental suppliers? Have your own call centre? Not a problem you can use our tech-only offering where we take a small clip per transaction.

CUG Offers

Due to our size we are able to secure exclusive rates for closed user groups. If you have a Members Club or Loyalty Program chat to us about being your strategic car rental partner.

Our Services

Seamless Integration Support

The integration of Vroom’s digital assets is wholly managed and facilitated by our professional team.

Vroom will integrate the search form widget into your site as a piece of javascript code. Searches made through this form use our white labelled booking system.

Your company’s branded headers and footers appear on all booking pages and confirmation emails.

The search form, pages and emails are tested and optimised by our UX Design specialists to provide the best possible user experience and conversion metrics.

Tracking & Reporting

Vroom utilises Google Analytics to monitor our web traffic. We will create a separate profile to follow the progress of the White Label website.

Google Analytics provides Vroom with accurate metrics and the ability to breakdown market segments, conversions and customer behaviour.

We will provide reports on market segments, conversions and customer behaviour to improve conversion rates and target customer acquisition.

Reconciliation & Accounting

Each car hire booking has unique identifiers which signify your company’s site as the booking source. The booking is logged within Vroom’s database and with the car hire provider.

Vroom manages all of the relationships with the car hire providers and will raise any issues directly with them on your behalf.

Car hire providers each remit a commission to Vroom for every completed rental in a monthly period. Vroom’s finance and accounting team then reconcile and verify these payment reports with the expected bookings stored in our database.

As a Partner, Vroom then identifies the completed bookings originating from your website. We will provide you with a payment report and the applicable commission for the monthly period when the booking was completed. Easy as that.

Integrates with membership and loyalty programs

Working closely with our partners, we integrate the major loyalty and Frequent Flyer programs into the booking experience.

World Class Customer Support

Customer Support: Vroom handles all customer contact related to car hire. Our customer care team is available via phone, email and live chat to ensure an easy booking experience.

Conversion Optimisation: Vroom also uses sophisticated software tools to track, measure and optimise all stages of the booking path for the best experience and highest conversion.

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    Specialty Content

    Vroom has created over 10,000 pages of specialty content for the Australian traveller. Content marketing is at the core of our successful customer acquisition strategy and we can help make it yours too.

    Our content highlights the best leisure and exploration adventures across Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world.

    Vroom will engage with you to develop specialty travel and editorial content for your site to help turn lookers into bookers.

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