According to Euromonitor, online car rental is expected to grow at an annual compound rate of 9.3% between now and 2020 with mobile bookings showing growth as high as 24.2%.

So now more than ever, it is essential for leading Airlines, Hotels & OTAs to capitalise on those growth projections and find a trusted B2B travel tech partner who:

  • ‘gets’ how to use technology to maximise car rental uptake in the booking funnel.
  • who has a clear track record for handling rapid growth and high transaction volumes.
  • invests in mobile-first innovation to add value to the customer’s booking experience. is just that kind of partner with a Direct Car Rental API (tailor-made for Airline & Hotel Partner sites), that offers a fast, seamless and live car rental inventory feed directly from top tier suppliers around the world to your website.

Sell more car rental bookings by offering it to customers when they are at their most receptive: in the booking path.          

Jordan Hooper, Partnerships Manager, VroomVroomVroom & V2B Travel Technology

The V2B Car Rental API enables our Airline Partners like to offer car rental to customers at the right time in the booking flow, immediately after they have selected their flights and are ready to build their accommodation, car rental and other travel essentials for their trip around their flight component.

The speed of our direct API enables relevant inventory to be displayed instantly, across multiple car categories based on the customer’s arrival destination, travel dates and number of travellers in the booking. This ensures we have something personalised for each type of traveller demographic.

The customer can then seamlessly add car rental to the cart and pay in one transaction within the same payment gateway in a matter of minutes. Let us show you how.

Airline and Hotel websites can add value and improve the customer experience by using the V2B API to create unique bundled products and services as a point of difference.

Mike Boyd, CEO, VroomVroomVroom Group

Combined with access to exclusive industry car rental rates, V2B’s API can help Airlines, Hotels and OTAs to build car rental into bundled travel packages that add genuine value to the customer experience, influence more buyer decisions through their convenience and increase profit due to the higher average order value.

Bundled Packages also increase customer loyalty as there is a reduced need to go to a separate car rental or hotel site.

Let V2B drive your car rental technology.

To find out more call our Partnerships Manager, Jordan Hooper on 0450 247 242 or email

Post by Julia Raczko

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