You might argue that the growth of rideshare behemoths such as Uber and Lyft have forever changed the game for car rental suppliers and to a degree, you are right, but not to the over-hyped extent discussed in the media today.

The truth is, a driver who loves driving will still want to drive so there will be always a market for them. Ridesharing is also still focused on urban areas and it will take some time for the network-effect model to reach regional towns and districts. Nevertheless, this is not the disruption I am talking about. No, the car rental industry’s biggest threat right now is in fact an internal one.

The industry relies upon decades old software that takes months if not years to update (DOS and dot matrix printers are still in use!!), the user experience is horrendous, mobile is an after thought and suppliers struggle with inaccurate tracking, reporting and payments.

None of this will be ‘news’ to even the most innovative of car rental companies. However such is the sheer size of these organisations that it’s often not possible to roll out new technology fast enough to keep pace with the rapid advances in travel tech and ecommerce.

But evolve it must. Because the pace of progress and innovation is relentless.

And that’s why we have created V2B.

To partner with the industry to help solve these perennial challenges by building easier to use, higher-converting and more dynamic travel technology. Technology that helps you to reach new audiences and aid the growth of your core and ancillary revenue streams.

So what is V2B exactly and who is behind it?

V2B is the new B2B technology division of, the largest car rental comparison site in the Southern Hemisphere with over 2 million bookings to its name and counting.

Vroom is now leveraging over 16 years of experience and learnings from the B2C market into the underserved B2B market, to help new partners roll out technology faster and more effectively than ever before.

Online travel in a B2C environment always benefits from cutting-edge tech and an obsession with user experience, while B2B is the often forgotten ugly cousin with decades old tech and non-existent support services.

Our vision for V2B is to marry the speed, focus and agility of B2C products with the power and scalability required for top tier B2B partners. In 2017, the technology powering the world’s leading airlines, hotels and car rental companies deserves to be functional, reliable and built for rapidly evolving markets.

Much more than just a technology partner.

We work closely alongside our partners to build and grow their car rental business and others  using our technology.

We get our hands dirty and consider ourselves part of your team from Day 1 with an unrivalled level of hands-on account management. No set and forget after integration. We genuinely care about helping you grow. When you win, we win.

Whether you are a car rental supplier, an airline, an OTA, a bricks and mortar agency or run a successful travel blog, we are on hand to show you innovative ways to drive more ancillary revenue using our technology and content marketing strategies that have made us an industry leader.

Get in touch with me today for more information about how we can collaborate with your team and build a beautiful new user experience.

What V2B offers?

*Boutique white label car rental pages in your full branding or co-branded

*Booking Widgets that you can insert on your site, in booking confirmation pages including targeted location widgets in post-purchase EDMs

*API to add car rental and other ancillaries to your booking path (all paid collectively in your payment gateway)

*SDK enabling you to add car rental and other products within your own mobile Apps

*Exclusive offers for Closed User Groups (Loyalty & Membership Clubs)

*Content Marketing Solutions

For more information on any of the above contact myself Jordan Hooper, Partnerships Manager, VroomVroomVroom at or +61 450 247 242.

Post by Jordan Hooper

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